SIRRA is a progressive Referees Association located in the Southern Inland area of Southern NSW. We enjoy spending time together, having a laugh and giving back to the local rugby community. Rugby fans first and foremost, we're here to facilitate the game in a safe, fun and fair fashion.​

We enjoy drinking beer more than we enjoy running and we tend to socialise as a group as a way of creating a collegiate environment for our members to spend time with each other and to discuss our different views on the game in an enjoyable environment (having a schooner at the pub...).

2017 GF Dinner

Benvenuti's Italian Restaurant in Leeton was the venue for our annual Grand Final Dinner in 2017.​

L-R ​Murray Wilkinson, Sam Donelan, Mark Del Gigante, Jeff Ticehurst, Henry Hicks, Troy Pietsch, Brendon Reynolds, James Martel, Steve Frost, Mark Harris, Greg Duggan, Tony Reneker. Another sensational evening on the SIRRA Calendar!!

2017 GF 1st Grade

2017 GF 2nd Grade

2017 Grand Final 2nd Grade Team of Three.​

L-R ​Linden Gunn (AR1), Brendon Reynolds (REF), Mark Harris (AR2)

2017 GF 3rd Grade

2017 Grand Final 3rd Grade Team of Three.​

L-R ​James Martel (AR1), Mark Harris (REF), Troy Pietsch (AR2)

2017 GF Women's

2017 Grand Final 1st Grade Team of Three.​

L-R ​Linden Gunn (AR1), Sam Donelan (REF), Brendon Reynolds (AR2)

2017 Grand Final Women's Team of Three.​

L-R ​Troy Pietsch (AR1), Steve Frost (REF), Henry Hicks (AR2)


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