We'd like to highlight the support we have received from the local rugby community here and acknowledge the significant contribution that has been made towards our association by local business houses.


Our longest serving sponsor, the team at Plant Assessor have been supporting SIRRA since 2007 and have come on board as our Major Sponsor in 2018.

Paul Dean, Matt Turner and their team have been avid supporters of our association both on and off the field. Paul has served as SIRRA President and an active referee for 10 years, giving his time to coaching and mentoring fellow referees during that time. Matt has assisted our association with his commitment to training, providing his thoughts on refereeing whenever he has been available.

Members of the Plant Assessor Team are also very vocal supporters of referees in general and are always available to lend their verbal assistance whenever required.

Thank you to Paul and Matt for their ongoing support for referees in the bush, we really appreciate your input into our association.

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